Sunday, November 1, 2009

Farewell my Han-gukans!!

So, I'm just sitting at Incheon Airport now taking advantage of Naver's free wifi... Kick arse Naver!! Way to go!!
It feels really strange to be leaving Korea! I don't feel like I've been here over a year and I am really not ready to leave! I guess I am comforted by the thought that I will be coming back here next year and that anything (or anyone) that I will miss will only be missed temporarily and that I will be back at it again soon. Everyday that I have been here I have had some kind of experience and I have really learned a whole lot in one year and Korea really does feel like my home at the moment.

Anyway, totally of topic.. I would just like to note that I have witnessed a 'matchy matchy' record here at Incheon. Within the hour I have counted 20+ 'matchy matchy' couples and about 200+ white masked surgeons wandering around the airport. I'm going to miss Korea!!

I am really looking forward to this trip that I am undergoing... It's going to be sweet! Firstly I am flying into Beijing, where I will immediately hop onto a train and head for a city called 'Datong.' This city itself is apparently nothing special, but nearby there are some famous Buddhist grottoes that get a real 'Lonely Planet hype up,' so I will trust their judgment and check out the place for myself. Next I will be heading to 'Pingyao' which is a famous ancient city surrounded by some cool city walls. I will spend a day or two there and then head on down to Xi'an, and after that... who knows! I will make it up as I go!

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