Monday, August 31, 2009

A Quick Summary

Okay! To explain what I am doing and where I am at, I need to just summarise everything as simply as possible I think.
I live in Korea! I have been here for 10 months and I am doing what nearly every other foreigner is doing here... Teaching English! I really enjoy doing what I am doing and have had some great experiences, some trialling times and met some really cool people along the way. The lifestyle and the experience is really what you make of it and for me I feel like I have had a very productive year in both areas.
I am currently the senior teacher at the school I am at and I have to say that teaching really is a pretty fun job for the most part. Though some days are better than others and some students are more frustrating than some, the good times really do out-way the bad times. I am lucky in that I work at a good school where the staff are very helpful and there are a lot of Korean teachers that are always willing to help. Though many people have bad experiences teaching in Academys, I have found them to be that big of a problem. In saying that though, I am planning on teaching at a public school next year because of holidays and all that good stuff!
Living in Korea has been pretty fun for the most part. It definitely comes with its frustrations though, which I will highlight quickly. Being stared at! Its expected when you first arrive, but annoying when you've been here for a while. Always being referred to as a 'foreigner'! This just creates barriers between Koreans and expats and not very welcoming in my mind, and it is purely based on your appearance. I also get a little frustrated too when all Koreans think exactly the same! Swine flu, mad cow, melamine etc, most Koreans are all petrified of these things and they will go to extreme lengths to avoid things they think contain these killers!! For the most part though, Korea has been a good place to be. I have enjoyed the food the culture and getting to know the people.
Anyway, as has been mentioned.. This is a quick summary. So I am going to leave it all at that. I know my Korea experience has been as well documented as some of my co-teachers, but this is better than nothing I guess.

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