Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Okay, so I have to try and keep this blog a little more frequent and up-to-date and to do this it means simplifying it a little and keep post to mere summaries rather than detailed descriptions.
Anyway, let's talk Vietnam! To get to Hanoi I had to cross into Vietnam by land, which I was pretty excited about! Don't ask me why, I was just curious more than anything I guess. But the border was no problems! It was a little strange however seeing how different one side was to the other. It seems as if I had stepped into a land of tropical landscapes in a matter of a simple visa exchange and all the cars on the road had been swapped for scooters.
But I arrived in Hanoi none the less and went onto 'The Drift Hostel,' which was pretty nice and well organised! During my time in Hanoi I didn't do anything remarkably exciting, though I did enjoy the new challenge of crossing the street and my new favourite sport... 'Scooter dodging.' Try it when you are in Vietnam! The best way is to simply close your eyes and step out into traffic! I also met plenty of people at the hostel who shared my passion for scooter dodging and joined me on my adventures across town.
Here are the main things I did/achieved in Hanoi:
-Didn't get hit by a scooter.
-Drank beer for 3000 dong (15c) on a plastic chair in the middle of the street.
-Saw some old American B52 that had been shot down during the war.
-Sent home all my warm clothing from China.
-Ate some awesome Vietnamese food (trout, pho and spring rolls).
-Visited the prison where John McCain was during the war.
-Visited a museum (can't tell you much about it really).

Well that's about it really. I did also manage to meet up with Prairie (ECC) and Lyndsay (China) as well and we all booked a Halong Bay trip together... But that's the next post!

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